My Halloween Costume

I hope you had a spooky good Halloween! It was super cold here and even snowed a bit but Saturday night I dressed up and went to a party so I thought I’d share my costume, homemade as usual!

I went as Leela from the cartoon Futurama; see here for those not familiar…


She’s a Cyclopes who is the captain of a spaceship and an all around BA.
Here’s how I made her eye. I wanted to make sure I could still see so I used some of that plastic canvas people use to make needlepoint art with. I traced it, cut it out and colored the lashes and pupil in with a sharpie.

I bought the purple wig and the rest was put together with stuff I already had.


I went for something simple this year but was very pleased with how it turned out. What were you for Halloween?

Here’s one more withy sister. 😀




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